Unleashing potential
– not creating it!

Superbia Allied Health is dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with chronic conditions, impairments or disabilities.

Our team of qualified practitioners has developed a wide range of helpful programs and services to assist people of all ages in achieving greater independence.

We provide personalised healthcare services in Melbourne, regional Victoria, and the Gold Coast, either in the comfort and familiarity of your own home, school or workplace, or via telehealth, to ensure all your needs are met, allowing you and your loved ones to focus on living your best life.

If you're an NDIS support coordinator or plan manager, we'd love to hear from you. We're passionate about supporting NDIS participants and their families to achieve their goals.

5+ Years In The Industry
3k+ Happy Customers

Superbia has been completely life-changing. Every day I have the privilege of witnessing unfathomable courage from our clients and seeing their resilience has made me a better person. I truly believe that our team is making a big difference, in not only the lives of our clients but the Victorian community as a whole."

Founder - Jarrad Hills Jarrad Hills Founder

The Superbia Allied Health team knows how important a support network is for people living with a disability.

We’re here to help and make sure everyone has the opportunity to thrive! Here are some key benefits:

Boost your confidence

Be an engaging person

Land that dream boat you've been searching for

Our management team and allied health professionals boast decades of experience and have built trusting relationships with thousands of people who need a helping hand.

We’ll help you in navigating what can be a complicated health system and pride ourselves on connecting people with disabilities with the best quality specialist support out there.

At Superbia, we believe that all individuals have the right to live life without limits.

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Areas that Superbia provides in-person services:


  • Melbourne inner city
  • Western suburbs
  • Eastern & South Eastern suburbs
  • Melton
  • Geelong
Areas that Superbia Allied Health provides in-person services


  • Gold Coast
  • South East Brisbane
Areas that Superbia Allied Health provides in-person services

Superbia provides good deeds for those in need.

We incorporate qualified practitioners with specialised expertise dedicated to improving the quality of life of individuals. Our team will listen to you and work with you to achieve your goals.

We're here to help
We are person centric

We are person-centric

Outcomes-focused organisation

Outcomes-focused organisation

We act quickly

We act quickly

Skilled and educated advice

Skilled and educated advice

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career with
Superbia Allied Health

At Superbia, we believe that all individuals have the right to live life without limits. From where you choose to live, who you live with, how you exercise or entertain yourself. Our team is here to make sure the choice is yours and you have all the support you need.

Help you grow as an expert in your field.

Endless opportunities to hone your skills.

Help people who really need it!

Ready to live life

without limits?

"Unleashing potential - not creating it."

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