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Fostered from integrity and a need for opportunity, Superbia was created to assist all of  those in need. Not just in their work life, but at home as well. 
Our team is sourced from walks of life, proudly hiring from equal employment opportunities, and managed by experts in all of our relevant fields of work. We provides an extensive learning platform that aims to continuously build capacity, support independence and will one day, see our staff running teams and businesses of their own. 
All staff have relevant police checks, working with children's checks where necessary, are OH&S Complaint and are supported by both initial and ongoing training for all of the roles that they complete. We are a fully registered NDIS provider and all work completed comes with a satisfaction guarantee. 
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Our Goals

Our board comprises of a collective group of experts in disability, health, employment, asset maintenance, gardening and construction.


To us, success is measured by the amount of lives that we are able to positively change, the influence we can have and development of capacity we are able to assist with in an individual's life. In all instances, we do this ethically, without judgement, and with the best interests of the individual in mind at all times. 


This is measured in the smiles we see, the elation and gratitude we experience, and the change we witness time and time again. 


For Jarrad Hills, Founding Director, of Superbia Allied Health & Superbia Homes Services, the provision of high quality and ethical services to people with a disability is very personal. Growing up with a sister born with a disability has shown him first hand how circumstances can limit life choices, truly how cruel life can be, and how much a lack of access to quality support can effect an individual's health and well-being.  


His journey started in 2016 where he created Ability Homes Australia, a non-for-profit charity aimed at developing specifically designed accommodation for people with disabilities. Throughout his time running this charity, Jarrad describes his time as nothing short of life changing. Witnessing a new perspective on life, an admiration of courage and resilience never seen before, and a level of strength and respect for all of those that he has worked with, Jarrad committed to continually changing the lives of as many people as he possibly could.  


In May 2019, Superbia Home Services (SHS) was formed on the back of a large demand for quality in home services, and a huge need for assistance in modifying homes to suit individual needs. With the business expanded rapidly, by the end of our first full year of operations, SHS was assisting in over 180 homes Victoria wide and looking to expand into much need services, and further interstate. 


By May 2020, Jarrad set out to build a team of health professionals who would provide the therapy and support services that people with a disability deserve, and a management team that would ensure that his passion and vision continued for years to come. In July 2020, Superbia Allied Health was formed and the Superbia group expanded to what it is today. 


Our Story

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